Amazing what a 3rd night can do.

So we added a 3rd night of raiding this week and it paid off.

Al’Akir down!

We typically only raid 5-6 hours per week and although we can get through all our farm content in that time we found it difficult to get over the hump on both Al’Akir and Nef. We finally got Nef down too it seems (<20% wipe) and we will most likely extend the lockout to assure it happens before our MT goes on vacation.

Al’Akir is not a horrible fight it just takes 100% perfection from everyone in all phases… lol.

P.S. Start phase 3 at the top and work your way down, it made all the difference in the world… I mean a change to that way and on the 2nd try have no one die and kill the boss difference.

A big congratulations to the crew that was there, especially our uber DPSing Pally that healed the fight while hating every minute of it.

On that note, I had someone “in game” mail me about our tank opening. Sent you back a mail, read it if you get a chance… and by the way, can you tank for us Tue night 7:45 server to show the group what you can do? Oh, and yeah, you will be tanking Nef. Oh, and if you know a healer and some DPS that would like to do some successful raiding let me know… oh, I kinda have a plan… it’s in the game mail.

Some kitty Al’kir tips…

  • Go crazy in phase 1 because you most likely won’t get to use shred in phase 2. Personally I will push to move some DPS to his backside with a healer but I don’t think we are doing this fight again until we do it on heroic.
  • In phase 2 just do whatever you are told and don’t die.
  • In phase 3 just do what DPS you can while mangle spamming.

Honestly this fight sucks as kitty and as soon as my boom gear is up to snuff I will be changing DPS specs for this fight.

Heroic Hal Vid and short explination

Here is our video from our Heroic Hal kill. Note I am tanking Skull. I set X as my focus and when Skull is at about 10% of health remaining I taunt X off one of our tanks. I tank X until he dies and I then switch to kitty and DPS down the remaining Drake and then Hal. If I hear our main tanks having a problem I might even taunt earlier and blow a couple CD’s (Barkskin, SI).

You will not hear me talk in the video but you will hear some of my guild mates as mumble was giving me issues (mumble is hic version of vent running on a Ti99 somewhere in the south ;))

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Hybrid Tanking Nef and Hal Heroic

Sorry I have not been posting much lately but I thought I would let people know that with a decent hybrid build and good gear it is entirely possible to become your 10 man’s 3rd tank when needed.

I have successful tanked Heroic Hal drakes to help get him down. I have also successfully tanked Nef’s adds in phase 1 and will continue to do so as we get practice jumping out of buggy lava (don’t ask).

My build… if it helps anyone


This build is Kitty DPS minded first and Bear Tank second. I did not have to give up ANY Cat DPS talents which was my most important requirement.

The bear talents I have are enough to be successful in my role.

Heroic Strategy – Stonecore

Ok, So here is the first in my Heroic Cataclysm 5 man strategy posts. Hopefully I can knock out 1 per day to help Kitties and Bears alike.

I am not going to cover trash strategy. Make liberal use of CC in your party and keep tanking down to 1-2 mobs at a time. Use glyphed Maul, Swipe, and Thrash to maintain threat on multiple mobs. Note also I don’t give tips about staying behind bosses… you should be doing that anyway.


  • On Heroic his crystal shards morph into toon tracking bombs. The tank should kite him away from the shards/bombs and ranged AOE should kill these quickly.
  • On Heroic when he burrows do not get caught standing directly over him as he moves underground. Move out of the disturbed dirt or you will get 1 shot.


  • On Heroic standing in fire HURTS. Move out as soon as you see the graphic on the ground coming.
  • On Heroic he has a new ability which shoots shards out in all directions. When he does this you MUST use the fallen stalagmites to get out of LoS with the boss. As long as you are not standing in anything nasty you won’t take damage so healer proximity is not too important. I found as kitty getting a lot of distance and behind multiple objects was the best bet.


  • Clear the closest 2 trash packs on each side. In normal mode I have seen groups get away without doing this and I don’t recommend it in Heroic.
  • On Heroic he will cast a Paralyze on the entire party. This will either break on it’s own which HURTS or from damage being reflected back onto you from when he does his Elementium Spike Shield.
  • As melee you should be taking tics of damage from the shield which will break the paralyze, at this point get some distance because Shatter is coming and will kill you.
  • Kitty pounce back into the fight after the shatter.
  • Try to make sure you get a rip up before he shields and you start the moonfire and run rotation.

High Priestess Azil

  • Run out of Void Zones she creates
  • Have Maim ready to help interrupt her Force Grip
  • Kitty leap back to her in midair if you get caught by Energy Shield
  • In phase 2 do not get caught in an area where she tosses a boulder (Seismic Shard). Watch for dust clouds on the ground.
  • Help keep adds off healers in case of emergency… bear it up in phase 2 if it helps.
  • The biggest challenge in this fight is getting the Force Grip interrupted and making sure people don’t stand in the proverbial fire.

Off Tanking groups of Mobs and you (AKA top the tank DPS meters)

So, just a short post on tanking trash pulls and what I have found works best with the massive amount of DPS my guildies are putting out these days.

First, here is what I am wearing to OT packs of trash…

Hood of the Exodus – Just an awesome helm for both tanking and DPS, currently my MTing helm.
Boundless Ambition
Heroes’ Dreamwalker Shoulderpads – Enchanted and gemmed for Kitty set
Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
Tunic of Indulgence – I will switch this to T7.5 chest as soon as it drops next in Naxx, both gemmed and enchanted for Kitty
Sinner’s Bindings – Another great item for both tanking and DPS
Dislocating Handguards – Part of my current kitty DPS set.
Belt of the Tortured – Another Kitty DPS piece
Heroes’ Dreamwalker Legguards – Gemmed and enchanted for my MT set
Footwraps of Vile Deceit – Another nice item for both Kitty and Bear, part of my MT set.
Surge Needle Ring
Meteorite Whetstone – Kitty DPS trinket
Mirror of Truth – Kitty DPS trinket
Origin of Nightmares – Best for tanking but also good for DPS and has Mongoose on it where my Journey’s End has Berserker.
Idol of the Wastes

I also tend to tank most Heroics in this same set up.

This gear gets me lots of swipe crits, does a lot of damage and threat, and survivability seems just fine. Without taunts I can usually peal mobs off of our warrior and pally tanks no problem rotating swipe and maul.

Typically on trash I find myself somewhere between 3-5 of total damage done which is pretty darn good for a tank if you ask me, not to mention when I MT 5 man Heroics I tend to be #1 on DPS for trash as well. I bet a bunch of AoE casters out there run with me and are like wtf?

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