Heroic ToC… Ouchies.

Let me start by saying I did purchase 2 pieces of T9 yesterday and ran with it in Normal ToC (Full Clear, 1 Wipe).

Color me unimpressed by the 2T9 bonus. If anything it is about the same as 4T8… 8 Sec more SR VS 3 Sec more of Rake… did not see a noticable difference in DPS from the change. I will elaborate on this when I take a close look at a parse (Dang it Zab, I knew I was forgeting something when you were not there last night). Bottom line, looking at recount, moving from 4T8 to 2T8/2T9 is about a wash. It’s not like going to 2T9 is going to give you a sudden 500 more DPS. Not going to happen.

In my opinion, if you are rocking 4T8 and at least have 3 pieces of T8.5 don’t spend Emblems for the cheaper T9, it’s just not worth the 60 Emblems. Personally I should have went with the non Tier Duskstalker Shoulderpads to replace Treacherous Shoulderpads and stayed with 4T8 for now.

Let’s talk about Heroic ToC.

It is brutal.

On our first attempt it was plainly obvious that we don’t have the DPS to even get past the first boss. Keep in mind we have the DPS for XT hard so it isn’t horrible but Heroic ToC is in a completely different league. My guess is early success in Heroic will only be had for guilds that have been farming Hard Modes Ulduar both 10 man and 25.

I definately expect to see more Heroic ToC nerfs unless Blizzard shifted gears and really only wants the truely Elite to have success in there.

We had the first of the Northrend Beasts down to 60% when the worms came. Now maybe we had too much DPS on the Kolbolds but I think that is unlikely. We just didn’t have the guns to keep up with the Heroic Pace.

A very good post on Armor Pen.

Vallen had a really nice post on Armor Pen everyone should read which touches on the upcoming ArP nerf as well as some good rules of thumb.

My personal opinion on ArP is not to gem for it or drive yourself crazy trying to get it. This includes getting 1 of the 2 big daddy ArP trinkets which requires either Hard Mode Thorim in 10 man (not that it is hard once you get it down) or 25 man Naxx (not hard but not fun either).

Without either of these 2 trinkets there really is little reason to stack ArP. I like that Vallen mentions to think about what is reasonable gear you can obtain. So many DPS models take for granted you are just going to fly through the hardest of content and get every piece your heart desires which couldn’t be further from the truth.

My current plan right now as you can see on my gear page is to obtain 2T9. Shoulders and Gloves for 60 Triumph Emblems is the current route I am taking. In RAWR this is about the same DPS increase as keeping 4T8 and going with the Duskstalker Shoulderpads. Nice thing is I maintain my Hit slightly above the Cap which I like.

I have decided that breaking 4T8 for 2T8/2T9 is probably the best idea so I can start gearing up from better non tier gear in ToC 25 normal. First change will most likely be swapping out either Chest or Legs pushing towards eventually giving up the 2T8 bonus altogether and sticking with 2T9 in the Helm and Hands positions somewhere down the line.

If nothing else making the change from 4T8 to 2T8/2T9 will allow me to make some live testing to see how they compare.

And then there was one.

Last night our 10 man group cruised through Hard mode Ulduar and I was able to get 2 of the last 3 hard modes I need for my Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake. All I have left to do now is One Light in the Darkness. I won the roll on the Archivum Data Disc and hopefully will get the Mimiron’s Sigil and Thorim’s Sigil Tomorrow night.

We went on and blitzed through regular 10 man ToC getting a couple of achievements there as well. Normal ToC 10 is a complete pushover for a 10 man group capable of 1 shoting most of Ulduar Hard, I can’t wait to start working on Heroic 10… should be fun.

Koralon Down, XT 25 Hard Complete

Last night we downed the new boss in VoA, Koralon. He is a big pansie and just another loot pinata in Wintergrasp. We promptly 25 man 1 shot him to end our night and he is as melee unfriendly as the other bosses in VoA.

We also 1 shot XT Hard mode in 25. I only turned around to DPS sparks if my rotation allowed it. Basically if I had just done a 5pt refresh of SR, a 5pt Bite, or 5pt Rip. Otherwise I let the other DPS handle them which worked fine as even when I did turn around the sparks were usually dead or I was just able to get a hit or 2 on them.

I know having to come off XT is not ideal but our raid was melee heavy and I was still able to maintain 7K DPS through the fight.


Due to a lack of certain raiders we didn’t get to even try Heroic ToC this week. Hopefully I will have something to report back on this front this week.

Tonight I am hoping to get back into Ulduar 10 and get my Hard modes wrapped up by doing FL, Freya, and Yogg hard and joining my guildies flying around on Rusted Drakes.

Not sure if downing Algalon is in my stars (no pun intended) which is unfortunate cause my favorite thing in game to collect are titles (“Herald of the Titans” would be really cool, but looking even more unlikely than “Starcaller”). Bottom line is with limited playing time I can’t raid 10 man content on off nights forever and 25 man content continues to be my focus until 10 man raiding gets the same recognition/upgrades as 25… which I assume will never happen.

Server FIRST – Herald of the Titans

A huge Gratz goes out to Aetherial Circle for a 10 man server first Herald of the Titans!

Quite a few people worked toward this achievement (myself included) but here are the 10 folks that Ultimately made it happen…

Sad I missed it but RL > WOW, hope to get it on it next time.

It looks like the trick for us to getting him down was having the one ranged DPS on the sparks also DPS Algalon when possible. That made for the extra damage needed to beat the enrage. In this case it was the lock pulling double duty that did the trick.

Gratz to everyone on their new titles and achievements!

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