My first semi-hard mode encounter.

Last night for some strange reason, down 3 players and raiding with 22, we decided to try Flame Leviathan hard mode. We left up the Tower of Flame and after 1 wipe promptly killed FL with 1 tower up. YAY!

For any of you out there that read my blog, if your guild is not doing FL every week with at least 1 tower up you are making a mistake. It is beyond easy to leave up the Tower of Flame.

You can look up how this 1 tower changes the fight but the short and simple is FL gains 50% health and does I think 30% more fire damage. On top of that there is a predictable beam that creates fire on the ground you must stay out of which once you see it does nothing more than make the area you have to fight FL a little smaller and change how you kite him around the arena.

Like I said, we did this with only 22 people and only wiping one time since we had no idea how much the fire hurt and where it would be.

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