Recruiting a couple healers?

I believe Aetherial Circle is recruiting healers.

Anyone interested in joining a 3 night a week (Sun, Mon, Wed 8PM-11PM EST) social yet performance/progression minded guild on Drenden please apply. We are currently blasting through Ulduar and are close to getting to the point where we might be able to clear it in 2 nights. I am thinking once that happens if 3.2 has not been released some hard mode attempts here and there will start being attempted as well in 25 man.

Just go to the AC website forums HERE and register so you can start a thread in the recruitment forum. Make sure to give your toons name so we can check you out in the armory. I am thinking we would need someone in mostly Naxx gear or better as we are currently working on Yogg in 25 man. Make sure you are a decent player, although your actions will not get nitpicked you won’t see much raiding if you can’t avoid viod zones, eyebeams, fires, and the ilk while keeping your fellow raid members alive.

Feel free as well to submit your request in the comments section of this post and I could copy/paste it into our recruitment forum as well or e-mail me at if you want to keep your application private.

If anyone knows someone interested please pass along the information.

2 Responses to Recruiting a couple healers?

  • Euripides says:

    To clarify, we get to Yogg every week and get a couple of hours to learn him, all in a fixed 9 hour raiding schedule. I’ve never been in a guild that can clear farm content this efficiently.

  • Jacemora says:

    Well, once we have Yogg down, which should be soon, the only thing that will hold us back will be consistent 1 shots of Thorim and I think we are close on that as well… Thorim and Yogg are the only things we don’t 1 shot I believe.

    But yeah, I feel good about heading into the pack expac with the group of folks we have as well.

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