Server FIRST – Herald of the Titans

A huge Gratz goes out to Aetherial Circle for a 10 man server first Herald of the Titans!

Quite a few people worked toward this achievement (myself included) but here are the 10 folks that Ultimately made it happen…

Sad I missed it but RL > WOW, hope to get it on it next time.

It looks like the trick for us to getting him down was having the one ranged DPS on the sparks also DPS Algalon when possible. That made for the extra damage needed to beat the enrage. In this case it was the lock pulling double duty that did the trick.

Gratz to everyone on their new titles and achievements!

4 Responses to Server FIRST – Herald of the Titans

  • Euripides says:

    Awesome! I wish I could have been there too…

    Now we’ll need to get some server firsts in ToC 10.

  • Zabery says:

    Oh yes, Jace, you’ll get this. Not minutes after the kill we were reminding people to save their HotT gear for you and Kellagh.

    I’d agree that Kiya’s DPS was key to the kill. In previous attempts he’d done ~500k on stars and ~150k on Algalon. In the kill he did 300k on stars and 700k on Algalon. The faster Algalon hits 20%, the more stars despawn and don’t have to soak up any more DPS.

  • jacemora says:

    Awesome! I am glad you guys worked it out. Hopefully we can get the same success when I get to come 🙂 Gratz on Yogg as well and the Rusted Drake.

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