Another Feral Druid blog gone?

Yet another feral druid leaving the raiding scene and the blog ranks.

Monedula is calling it quits.

So what is going on with all these feral druids no longer wanting to raid?

I too am starting to lose my motivation as well. As much as I would like to see the end of Ulduar it is looking less and less likely as we have trouble filling more than 1 night with full time raiders. On a good week we might get a good night and a half of raiding which just doesn’t cut it. With my son turning 2 this month I am not overly upset about raiding less but I do miss playing the game and working to the end of an instance. I am starting to strongly consider focusing on a 10 man raid format in leiu of 25 man raiding but I am going to hold off and see if some new recruits can infuse the life we need to progression raid again in 25. If I decide to focus on a 10 man I am not sure if my current guild can support that or want me along as I think they already have a 10 man established group already on off raid nights.

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  • Vallen says:

    If you aren’t in a top caliber guild it’s extremely tough to find 25 committed folks that will perform day in and day out. (which is the same issue that has existed since the beginning of wow) While I still do 25 mans I don’t put any emphasis on them as all my focus is on 10 mans.

    With less people to rely on, you can cater your group to people that are of the same mindset to achieve the goals you (and your group) want (protos!). I think you’ll find 10 mans a lot more rewarding and satisfying. My 10 man group only has mimiron and YS+1 left. We haven’t tried YS+1 yet with most of our efforts on firefighter but I suspect you’ll be seeing a post with me flying on my proto shortly 🙂

  • ARA says:

    Awww I’m sorry to hear your 25mans are uninspiring. Well, so are mine too for a similar reason – lots of player turnover, and we’re just not getting the manpower for hard modes these days. My only option is to join a hardmode guild – I’m fed up with the lacklustreism. You know a progresion guild has lost it when ppl are happy to log on their alts and get another naxx/10man ulduar run going, rather than complete new (hard mode) content. I do wonder if the hardcore is gradually falling apart: while there’s no doubt more to do for everyone, ppl seem to experience a general wow ennui more than a year ago. Maybe wow is loosing its edge- I dunno, I’d probably feel different in a much better guild I guess. At least I’d have a new color proto drake to ride around on and feel awesome with, haha. Good luck anyway – and as long as you keep playing, I hope you’ll keep blogging 🙂

  • Jacemora says:


    I am starting to really wonder if a 10 man wouldn’t be a more rewarding use of my limited time.


    The only game with the potential to pull me away from WOW would be Star Wars The Old Republic MMO that is coming out.

    But it will depend on how good it is.

  • Aleanathem says:

    The raiding grind(if you can call it that anymore) can really bear on us at times. I know I’ve had thoughts of quitting. Mainly due to lots of raiders I’ve raided with since Karazhan quitting, but also because every time I think Ulduar is safe Blizz announces a new round of nerfs. Plus getting 25 committed people is hard. I can’t imagine the old 40 mans even though it would’ve been fun. Go with 10 mans if that provides a better avenue. I know we have only downed Yogg once and getting the dps online to do it has been impossible since so I understand the problems of finding the people.
    Good luck with your drake! I just got the OS3D 25 man one the other night and love it!
    I don’t think it takes top caliber to get that far in Ulduar. It just takes time and a willingness to commit. That also means everyone needs to sort of like everyone else. I’m learning with our newer members this isn’t always the case. lol

  • Jacemora says:


    Grats on the drake and the words of encouragement, I just need to figure out what the game means to me because currently I feel that I lack direction. With no specific goal I am trying to accomplish my interest dwindles.

  • Lennie says:

    You might be right about players becoming bored with WoW, but keep in mind it is summer and there are so many other things to do….

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