Departure from WOW… just this post silly.

So every now and again I write a post about something unrelated to World of Warcraft, not as often as BRK used to with his coffee ramblings, but once in a blue moon… this is one of those posts.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that Windows will be releasing a competitor to the Apple IPhone. Take a look HERE.

Most people know that many years ago in the infancy of personal computing Windows was made popular by taking ideas from the Apple OS, just as Apple did from Xerox and since then it has gone on and on and back and forth.

My beef is with Apple making the absolute horrible choice to tie their product down to one phone carrier (a bad one at that). Many of us are tied to certain carriers through our jobs, multiple year agreements, or area availability. Apple has always relished in turning it’s nose up to the masses and I can fully appreciate how it is going to bite them in the rear once again.

Microsoft failed with Zune, no one can argue that but it was due to Apple putting the Ipod product out there in mass at all price points, colors, sizes, and with a wonderful software product to make using them easy (Itunes).

Make no doubt Microsoft is about to borrow another idea from Apple and do the same thing with the Windows phone they did with the Ipod… I can just hear all the nerd squeals as people think about the apps they are going to be able to make for the Windows phone using Silverlight (just a guess as dev’s don’t know yet how apps will be made.)

Check out THIS slick Silverlight App out there now for ferals (ok, I had to slip in a Warcraft reference somewhere in the post.)

Bottom line, since I have Verizon as my carrier and have been 100% satisfied with my service and coverage, I am praying that the Windows 7 phone does not let me down this Holiday season… I believe my wait for an IPhone will soon be ended… and I can just point and laugh at my Iphone buddies and their continuously dropped calls and bad reception… muhahahahaha.

Disclaimer – I am in no way getting a free early Windows phone for this post and I will still have the Iphone wordpress plugin for my readers… psssst, if you work for Microsoft I would take one though and write awesome things about it.

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