DS 25 Heroic cleared… 2.5 Hours… and what I still need.

Congorats to my guildmates in clearing DS Heroic 25 last night in record time. We only had one wipe on Madness, the rest was all one shot.

I was lucky with drops yet again and managed to score Heroic Tier Pants, Gloves, and the Heroic Belt (non-tier of course).

Here is my list of Heroic items I hope to get in the following weeks…

Deep Earth Headpiece
Shadow Wing Armbands
Molten Blood Footpads
Seal of Primordial Shadow
Vial of Shadows
Wrath of Unchaining

If anyone has any specific questions about gearing, speccing, glyphing, or reforging for any of the heroic fights let me know. If anyone has any questions about tanking or off-tanking any fights let me know as I have done that as well.

2 Responses to DS 25 Heroic cleared… 2.5 Hours… and what I still need.

  • Helistar says:

    I seem to remember that the crafted wrists are better than the Blackhorn HM ones, mostly due to the extra socket. I know I’m still running them (and I never saw the Blackhorn ones drop, anyway).
    Good luck with the Vial, I got mine on our 1st Spine down, and got the other trinket on the 2nd one…. but we saw a grand total of two Vials in the entire raid lifetime…. drop rate sucks 🙁

  • Jacemora says:

    Good point on the bracers, I have seen the crafted ahead on some lists and behind on others.

    Definitely on the vial, I think we have seen 2 Heroic, I didn’t get either. Trinkets are my weak spot atm with no vial and reg madness trinket…. still rocking Heroic trinket from FL… /sigh

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