I love this fight… now if we could just kill him.

Yep, just another Feral Epeen moment. On a side note, I didn’t get slept even once on this particular attempt. On the next attempt I was put to sleep twice and came in 3rd, and on our final attempt of the night when I heard the MT was the target of an incoming infernal I decided to run away for a little while and just watch… that was a mistake by the way… LOL It didn’t make a difference however as our infernal OT bit the dust again.

Looking back at last nights WWS our infernal pally tank is taking about equal amounts of physical and fire damage in his fire resist set… even got physically crit once… I am starting to wonder if wearing straight up tanking gear isn’t better and just taking the steady, predictable fire damage wouldn’t be a better way to go.

2 Responses to I love this fight… now if we could just kill him.

  • Totally not Bristinie says:

    WTB the rest of that WWS, or at the very least, the next person…

  • Jacemora says:

    lol… I would post the whole thing but I think some people get wierd about their real names being up… errr, their toon names… anywho…

    The next line was…

    Holy hell, it was some Demonology warlock knocking on my door


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