Server back up.

Logged in as Jacemora, hearthed to Dalaran and ported to Stormwind… WOW. Flying over SW is cool, and now I am not sure I will visit IF nearly as much.

Nice, found the starting point for Level 80’s in Cataclysm. Right in the middle of the trade district.

Whoa, let me highly recommend going to SW, accepting the quest to Hyjal, and taking the port to Moonglade instead of porting yourself to Moonglade and flying yourself to Hyjal. That is all I am going to say… if for no other reason some easy XP.

Ok, I see the FP now at Nordrassil… son’t know how I missed that early excpt that the green ! are no longer on the mini map for some reason… could be me… I now have connecting Flight Paths in Hyjal.

More observations…

  • Still getting Wrath dust for DEing
  • I hit Honored with Guardians of Hyjal

Dinner Time, more later.

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