Switching Gears to Guardian

Now that my druid is effectively my alt, I am going to start tanking LFR, 5 mans, and hopefully some alt or pug runs.Unfortunately I need to switch up my gear, chants, gems, trinkets. Following is the list of gear to get everything up above 502 ilvl without stepping one foot in normal ToT.

Head – Lightning-Eye Hood – Jin
Chest – Rockfall Ribwraps -Tortos
Wrist – Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes – Horridon
Hands – Grips of the Haunted Forest – Council
Waist – Featherflight Belt – Ji-Kun
Finger – Seal of the Shado-Pan Assault – Friendly rep with assault
Trinkets – Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault and Renataki’s Soul Charm – Jin


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