The Transformation Feels Complete

I am now a progression raiding Hunter.

Things are going great in DiP on Zul’jin and playing a Hunter could not be more fun. I do miss the challenges of playing kitty with running all over the place, multi bleeding stuff, Brez’ing in a pinch, etc. I do feel however that Hunter is a fun class to play as well, though min/max is a little less challenging, which after playing WoW since BC and being over 40 years old is just fine by me.

Raiding 2 nights a week is a lot more manageable than 3, gives me more time for the family and staying in shape, and being part of a great guild means progression continues to happen at a reasonable pace. Last night we finally downed Lei Shen and received the Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen Achievement. Considering the difficulty of maintaining a 25 man raiding roster and the constant rotation of geared and experienced players combined with the 6 hours per week playtime progression is very rewarding.

With my new focus on my hunter I won’t have much to post on here that is Druid centric as often but I don’t have plans to change the site since my overall lack of time wouldn’t necessarily allow me to become a large part of the Hunter community anyway. I will continue to post observations in all area’s of WoW, the odd and end tips here in there, and cover patches and expansions information I find helpful or interesting.


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