Whoa, so it’s been a little while.

Ok, Update:

  • I moved to a higher population server (Zul’Jin), one that has a strong and large raiding community. Holy crap, I have been missing out, constant opportunities to run current content on alts and pug old achievements. I LOVE that I moved! I will miss Drenden and will definitely miss Requiem.
  • I am now a recruit for Drunk In Public. 25 man Horde 2 night a week raiding guild. Great people, Great Guild, Hoping for the best.
  • If I am accepted as a permanent member of the raiding team I will be raiding with my Hunter Jzuigõng. No worries, I still plan on playing quite a bit a Jacemora as well, no plans on changing my blog to a hunter blog.
  • My time continues to be limited, lots of work and family around playing, so posting has fallen off. To be honest all the new content and changes that Blizzard keeps tossing our way is overwhelming and it’s just so much to blog about I don’t know how to find the time.

Once (if) Drunk In Public becomes my confirmed permanent home I will post again and add thoughts on current raid bosses, etc, from both a hunter and feral standpoint.

I am currently running a DOC build on Jace, I like the rotation and I feel that once it is mastered it does pretty darn good on the meters.

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